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  • Sealing in the Bering sea led to a diplomatic dispute between the US and Britain in the 1880s, which brought about the first legislative attempts to limit the environmental damage done by the sealers.
  • We do not support, condone, approve, or authorize activities that involve closely approaching, interacting, or attempting to interact with whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and sea turtles in the wild.
  • To date the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries ran a relocation service which took the protected animals to farm-free areas AnimLovers and released them with costs charged to the industry.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and good accessibility.
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Others will find you attractive, charming, and very affectionate. There will be opportunities to meet new and exciting people from more varied backgrounds. Even relationships with long-term partners can benefit from your experimental and open-minded desires. November 30, , to May 26, — Lunar Eclipse November quincunx your decan can cause an inability to truly relax and find harmony in relationships. Constant stress and tension can make you feel anxious, neurotic, and insecure.

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Wrap up those errands and eliminate meaningless busy work. A total solar eclipse in Sagittarius this Monday, December 14, makes your priorities crystal-clear. As this supercharged new moon lands in your sixth house of health, fitness and organization, you get cosmic marching orders to clean up any messy areas of your life. Since solar eclipses can bring new people and opportunities out of the blue, stay tuned for unexpected job offers or the chance to delegate to the specialist of your dreams.